LINCORA offers you 3 types of locker bases:

  • Recessed base: It raises the locker and contributes to its’ overall ventilation. Coupled with an inclined and perforated bottom, it will direct the flow of water out the front of the locker. The recessed base will allow water to escape the locker, preventing any infiltration underneath it. For this reason, a recessed base will increase the longevity of your locker by several years.
  • Closed base: It raises the locker while maintaining a seamless and homogeneous look.
  • 4-legged base: It raises the locker to create an open space underneath making it easier to clean the floor. This option is highly recommended when maintenance involves washing with a large volume water.

To extend the life of your locker, our experts recommend the use of a stainless-steel base, which is more resistant to corrosion and will withstand the test of time