The prices are effective as of the date on the price list. They take precedence over any other prices or price lists indicated or published. The suggested prices are only the retail prices. The contents of the product guide/price list may change without notice. The prices indicated apply to standard products. Modifications or additions other than the options mentioned may entail an additional charge.

Net 30 days
Subject to credit approval by Lincora
All applicable taxes extra

Lincora must receive a written purchase order by mail or fax for every order. No deliveries will be made without prior authorization from the credit department.

No allowance of any kind will be given for orders picked up at the factory. Drop shipments are made to the purchaser’s receiving dock only. Shipments made by public carrier are customer’s responsibility when carrier’s memorandum is signed by customer. Under no condition will the carrier be held responsible for unpacking or installation of the received goods. If carrier is not specified on buyer’s purchase order, Lincora reserves the right to choose the carrier best suited.

F.O.B. Dealer
To your customers, prices upon request.

All orders are considered final and may not be cancelled without prior authorization from Lincora. Cancellation will result in a minimum 35% charge for expenses incurred during the ordering process.

Merchandise returns will be not accepted without written authorization of a Lincora Customer Service representative. If accepted, a 35% repacking fee will be deducted from the credit, plus any repair charge considered necessary. Merchandise returns must be shipped prepaid, otherwise the shipment may be returned to the customer. Under no circumstances may non-standard products be returned for credit.

If the order is not delivered in perfect condition, or if the quantity entered on the delivery slip does not match the actual quantity received, insist that the transport company indicate on the receipt or delivery slip any damage or quantity descrepancy before accepting the merchandise. If your order appears to be in good condition but, while unpacking the merchandise, you find some damage, you must follow the following procedure: Stop unpacking and call the transport company to send an inspector to examine the damage. The condition of this damage must be declared on the delivery slip or on any other official claim form. Carefully examine the contents of the claim before signing it. Never accept or declare a shipment as “received in good condition” if the packaging is damaged. Any damage must be reported to Lincora within 24 hours following the receipt of the merchandise.

Extreme care is taken in packaging and shipping the products. Lincora’s responsibility ends the moment the public transport company issues a signed receipt attesting to the fact that the merchandise was picked up in good condition.

All products manufactured by Lincora are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the date of the invoice. For products (paint, vinyl…) for which the manufacturers cannot guarantee the absolute uniformity of the colours, Lincora declines any responsibility for any variations that might occur.

At all times, Lincora reserves the right to make any changes to the hardware, manufacturing, specifications, dimensions and design in general of the products and may discontinue any model without advance notice.

The weights indicated in the product guide include the packaging and are approximate.

Under no circumstances shall Lincora be responsible for any prices, credits, refunds, discounts or other commitments that have not been confirmed in writing by Lincora. Minimum order $ 100.00 net. Custom Finishes: An upcharge of $ 150.00 net per colour will apply for any previously unmatched custom colours and for orders under $ 6,000.00 net. Please contact our customer service for more details.