At LINCORA we strongly believe that education plays an important role in creating a better society.

For 45 years LINCORA has built a solid reputation in manufacturing and installing durable lockers in numerous educational institutions across North America. From daycare to university, LINCORA proposes various storage solutions specifically designed to meet students’ and school employees’ needs.

Together, let’s create an inspiring and enjoyable environment in which your students, future students and employees will thrive.

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This stylish and reliable locker is designed to endure any type of school environment.

When wider than 18 inches, the door features a metal reinforcement within its double walls, increasing its strength and ensuring a better impact resistance.

The stainless-steel recessed grip and the 45-degree hasp allow for the use of any type of traditional and digital locks.


This locker sets itself apart from our other Series by its full-height handle. It allows for the use of multiple types of traditional and digital locks and opens without any effort, making it ideal for any kind of user.

Everything has been thought of, up to the positioning of the number plate. Its unusual position helps protect the door when the left side locker’s door is fully opened.


The door of this locker Series is secured to the body using a multiple anchor hook lock, keeping the belongings inside secure!

The handle includes a lever that activates the locking mechanism and allows the use of most conventional combination locks as well as more complex ones according to the required level of security desired.

Each end user will be free to go about their duties knowing their personal belongings are safe.


The Z-locker is the ideal solution for communal or public areas where space is restricted.

Featuring a recessed handle, it offers 2 distinct compartments in 1 allowing individual users to have their own private and secure locker.

The Z-locker maximizes vertical space within each compartment. Long garments can therefore be stored efficiently despite the reduced height of the locker.

SERIES 51 – For the little ones

This locker is a safe and practical storage solution for the little ones!

Compartments for personal belongings are kept separate to help limit the spread of viruses, germs and other undesirable factors. It is, moreover, the perfect way for children to learn how to be responsible by giving them a personal storage space to take care of.

Your little ones’ security is important! Our locker is 100% welded and every edge is hemmed to avoid risk of injuries.

SERIES 55 – For sports teams

Your athletes can focus on their performance and not be concerned with the safety of their belongings thanks to this locker’s security compartment.

Need extra storage? Our lockable bench option is the perfect solution! For additional comfort and esthetics, we offer optional maple or oak benches!

This opened and very ventilated storage solution is ideal for quickly drying athletic equipment, all while guaranteeing peace of mind while performing.

Instigate pride by customizing the side ventilation pattern as the team’s logo.

SERIES 61 – Locker for first responders

Security, first responders and maintenance teams are essential to every school. As they use very specific and diverse equipment, they should have an optimal storage solution to keep them, and their personal belongings, safe.

Our Series 61 Lockers has been designed to be practical first and foremost. It features a coat rod and 2 welded hooks to hang any kind of garment.

A drawer on ball string slide is integrated under the bench to store operation boots and equipment, first aid kits and other bulky objects. Valuable belongings can be stored in a lockable safety box inside the locker.

Make your locker even more practical and add adjustable shelves, extra hooks, an adjustable document holder or any other option that would optimize your end users’ storage solution.

ADA LOCKERS – for users with special needs

Be aware of and support the special needs of your students and employees with disabilities. LINCORA can help you with this by manufacturing specially designed lockers that will meet ADA* standards.

  • Accessibility: One extra, adjustable shelf must be installed at a minimum height of 34’’ (865 mm) and a maximum of 48’’ (1220 mm) above the finish floor or ground space.
  • Convenience: The handle must be at a maximum height of 45” (1219 mm) above the finish floor or ground space.

Locks must also meet specific standards. Users must be able to open and close them with only one hand without requiring any tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. They must be opened using a maximum pressure of 5-pound force (lbs), which is equivalent to 22.2N.

More information at: 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design